Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sean Paul GMA!!!!

Looking awesome in Dolce and a Kid Dangerous tee Sean Paul rocked central park for Good Morning America! Watch an interview and hot performance of Temperature!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sean Paul Good Morning America Concert in Central Park! July 24th!!!

Boom! Free concert! My boy SP! NYC! July 24th! Central Park! ivystyled of course!
But seriously this is a gift brought to you New Yorkers by Good Morning America! Wish I could be there but NYC represent! If you can't make the show it will be live on GMA!

Click here for the more details or go to

Tuesday Editorial from the ivystyle archives! "Into the Wild"

Brought to you by our friends at Ocean Magazine please enjoy "Into the Wild. " I know many of you will have questions about how we shot this!!! Shot at a horse training farm in California where they have rehabilitation pools for race horses nothing was photoshopped!!!


"Into the Wild" Continued!!!

Moday Video! Kings of Leon "Sex on Fire"

A day late but A VIDEO RICH!!!!! In one of my favorite videos I worked on, the awesome Sophie Mueller directs "Sex on Fire" by the Kings of Leon. With a very minimalistic gritty wardrobe treatment this video illustrates the importance of subtle styling for an overall impact. Shout out to Mel P for a very hot sweaty day!


Sex On Fire

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sexy Hair!!!

So the reason I've been out of the blog-dar is because I have been working on a top secret 10 ad campaign for Sexy Hair...Working hard but it looks hot!!! Anyway thought I'd direct y'all to some ivystyle custom couture!!! Made last August for the Sexy Hair organics 09 Campaign, a leaf dress to knock poison ivy off her feet! click here for the behind the scenes at a sexy hair shoot with Cheryl Burke! Or go to Sexy Hair and see stills with the other artists in the 09 campaign.

xoxo ivystyle

Tuesday Special Editorial Of the Week

Ok so it's technically not Tuesday anymore but better late than never. Been styling away for The sexy Hair '10 ad campain!!! To busy to blog . But now... Shot in El Mirage dry lake beds near Palm Dale California by the talented Dominic Petruzzi for Ocean Magazine holiday 07. I present to you ...Desert Desire...


desert desire cont'd

Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Feature: Ivystyle video archives: Cobra Starship "Church of Hot Addiction"

Blast from my styling Past! Check out this early Cobra Starship Video Directed by Alan Fergusson in Production with the The Kompany productions.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Choke me fashionably!

My mom sent me cool is she?!!! Danish designer Suzanne Rutzou - circa 2007 Copenhagen Fashion Week was the genius birth mother of my new adopted trend! It took me a while to decide whether or not to post this because it is so genius. It still will be in my new ideas brain for an upcoming video or editorial. I love it!


Right near da beach. Boy-eeee!

So I took my own advice and got my little tokie down to venice beach (at : 930!!!!). Thought I'd share a photo of why you should go to the beach now!!!

And on a completely other note, while in Venice, I passed the worlds scariest CVS. I have seen this now for the millionth and one time but it never gets old!!!! Why on earth did someone create this ballerina hobo clown??? I know it is in Venice Beach, and its beach walk is full of eclectic street performers, but come on now!!! Nothing half this scary walks the beach(and this is a huge statement), trust me. Scary Clown please do not haunt my dreams tonight. See below for the complete horror.


Maui Jim says; lets go to the Beach!

Ok her name is Fancy but her sentiment remains the same! Get out there people it's July!

iPhone blog: go see Bruno now!!!

About to call a wrap on my Friday night here in moony California. I saw Bruno tonite at the Vista in Los Feliz. As my friend misha would say "amazers"!!!! This might be the funniest movie ever! Mr Cohen is quite possibly the most committed comedian since Andy Kaufman. His tricks on the fashion world, as terrible as they are, are just the tip of Bruno's comedy iceberg(dildo). With jokes on everything from the middle east, Africa, homosexuality, to America , go see Bruno ! Go go go!


ivystyle fashion archives: Jenny Lee Bridal

So after looking at the past few posts on the Paris couture shows it had me thnking of a wonderful shoot i did with the gifted giuliano bekor for Jenny Lee Bridal. Below are a few shots from the collection.


Friday, July 10, 2009

New Sean Paul single released today! "Press It Up"

What would a day be without news on my boy Sean Paul.New single out today!!! Love it! Not only does he look great but sounding on point!
Click HERE to listen to the WORLD PREMIERE of "Press It Up" an exclusive track off SP's new album IMPERIAL BLAZE in stores and online Tuesday, August 18th!


album cover styled by ivystyle and photographed by gerard needham

Christain Dior: Intimate Couture.

I can hear you now, "who stole Lucy's pants?". While the styling might bring your brain in that direction, open your minds to the style and grace of Dior.While inspired by intimate apparel, notice the attention to the vintage detailing on all exposed undergarments. John Galliano really trumpeted the sculptural quality of turn of the century lingerie, while utilizing the nature of mesh and tool to lift the garments away from the sculptural gravity.


Don't cut your jeans!

OK so I've been there. You have a favorite pair of jeans. They feel like a second skin and sit on exactly the right part of your hipbone with no muffin top. The spicy days of summer roll around, and the cut off jean short becomes as nessicary as flip flops.( This year the jean short has also become an acceptable evening bottom dressed up with a heel or boot and a smart coice for even fashion foward day attire. ) No matter your desire, you must resist making your own jean shorts!!! Thoses perfect jeans are meant to stay that way...perfect jeans. In the newish designer jeans world ($200 and up) jeans have numerous treatments and fabrics used in them. Take for example the stretch jean, you try to cut this bad boy and you are screwed!!! Good luck trying to get a straight line and if you want a consistent fray, the elastic will crush that dream!

Don't then go to your local mall and buy the newest store created jean short either! These are souless imposters for the time and effort it takes to create your summer sidekick. Go vintage!!!!!Right now the vintage stores are jam packed with shorts of all sizes each with an individual history and persona. These are exactly the type of shorts that smart designers spend hours painstakingly trying to reproduce.

In LA try Squaresville on Vermont or American Vintage on Hillhurst (Los Feliz). Otherwise hit up your local vintage gem or trift store.

Good shorts below!!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer Sales People!!!

I know we are in a recession right now but deals are deals! Due to the grim economic forcast the designer summer sales are coo coo bannanas!!! Barneys is 70% off spring summer collections and the designers are all at 50%!!!Here are two pairs I had to buy over the past month.

ps...the yellow guys are actually neon yellow!!!! Move over Rihanna!